Improve Your 60 Yard Dash Time!

Written By: Andre Williams

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Faster 60 contains unique and effective techniques! 12 entire chapters each covering a different aspect!


Chapter 1: THE STANCE  
Chapter 2: ARM POSITION  
Chapter 3: Chest Position at Start  
Chapter 4: Knee Drive  
Chapter 5: Two Swings per One Step  
Chapter 6: Drive Phase  
Chapter 7: When Legs Give Out  
Chapter 8: Finish Thru The Line  
Chapter 9: Hand Time vs. Laser Time  
Chapter 10: Running Against Others vs. By Yourself  
Chapter 11: Mental approach  
Chapter 12: Drills for Success  
Chapter 13: Stride Length X Stride Frequency  
Chapter 14: You Will NOT Outwork Me  
Chapter 15: The CORE CREED  
These specific techniques and training tips are guaranteed to lower your 60 yard dash time! It as well contains specific exercises for improving your running form and for strengthening critical running muscles often neglected.


An Interview of Nationally Acclaimed Trainer and Author of Faster 60, Andre Williams

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Faster 60

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